Skill Building & Employment Program

Join our Pan Academy

The Pan Academy is a creative ground for youth to foster their culinary dreams. The training program will be for curious foodies who need a step by step guide in a particular area of preference; Confectionaries, Grilling and Sauteing, Knife Skills, Kitchen Safety, 

We will have direct training sessions where the applicants go through an enrollment process and are taken up in the Pan Academy and indirect training where we carry out specific skills training to the staff employed by the youth’s start-up ventures. 

1. Culinary Art with a Farm to Table Approach in basic and speciality cuisines as well as our Ugandan delicacy

2. Pastry Art in Cake Making and Decorating, Sugar Art Essentials and Basic Patisserie

Join the Apron Skilling program

For food enterprise owners who seek an in depth understanding of business operations this program is designed to increase their skills and employability of youth. The program will cover areas like;

1. Defining food business and target marketing
2. Process optimization, business management and leadership processes
3. How to scale a food business
4. Customer Service
5. Menu Planning and costing
6. Procurement, Inventory and Store
7. Accounts and Handling Payments
8. Catering and Banquet Management
9. Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security
10. Promoting hospitality services and products