Due to COVID-19, the government imposed a number of stringent measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, many of these measures have since affected the business operations of food enterprises. Although many of these measures have been lifted; market vendors, street food vendors and eateries (Restaurants & Hotels) still have to adhere to new operating procedures to not only survive but also ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

Many  restaurants in Uganda have resumed business and have since heed a few or none of the preventative measures put in place by the government to curb the spread of the virus in public places. Both outdoor and indoor dining areas pose a great risk given the fact that they are places of high level of interaction of people from different walks of life, many people remain at risk of falling sick as a result of their reluctance in adopting the set guidelines.

At a critical time when the country has  been confronted with a spike of COVID-19 cases within Kampala and the metropolitan area , Kitchen Station in partnership with Safe Solutions and Globo Chemicals is launching a  Food Enterprise Safety Training  campaign to promote the uptake and implementation of standard operating procedures for food enterprises during the COVID-19 outbreak.The campaign will  complement the effort of the Ministry of Health, Kampala City Council Authority and the World Health Organisation  in the fight against Covid 19.

Kitchen Station has therefore developed training modules designed to get food establishments on board with the standard operating procedures and also maintain exceptional customer service as well as food safety. The program will be enriched by SOPS provided by key regulatory bodies like Kampala City Council Authority, Ministry of Health and other government agencies.

The campaign aims at empowering  food establishments and their staff  with skills and tools to uptake the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures with the specific objective of enabling food establishments stay in operation and ensure the safety of their clients and staff throughout the pandemic .

Through the campaign , Kitchen station will raise awareness on the usage of safety materials like foot marks, SOP charts to continually remind the people within the business and also the customers and also through partnerships connect the food enterprises to affordable suppliers of face masks, sanitizers and disposable gloves.

The #Tukuumagane campaign is a merger of both online and offline communication to influence behavioural change and encourage adoption of the new normal that includes observation of the safety guidelines. The on ground training in the restaurants will be supported by a video centered online campaign that will capture voices of business owners, managers and staff encouraging all their customers to wear their masks, sanitise and observe social distancing that way everyone will ensure the other’s safety.

The #Tukuumagane will run for a period of two months, September and October 2020 focusing first on educating food business owners and later engaging the general public that dines in these various areas.The campaign will deliver the  Food Enterprise Safety and Covid 19 Training  to over 180 food business owners at their premises in and around Kampala.                                                                           

These messages will be counteracted by audiovisual messages from loyal customers of different restaurants, cafeterias, pubs and so much more pledging to observe the set guidelines at all times. “We believe that at the end of this vigorous campaign we shall have a unified mind towards the fight against Covid 19 and that every individual will play an active role in ensuring the safety of others.” said Okumu Gladstone, Business Development Associate at Kitchen Station during the launch.

He added that, “At Kitchen Station, we believe that this struggle places upon us all the shared responsibility of protecting one another from the spread of this virus. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to ensure they wear a mask whenever in a public place, sanitize and observe social distancing at all times.” 

About Kitchen Station.

Kitchen Station is a culinary maker space that is creating a conducive ecosystem for youth engaged in the hospitality industry within Uganda. We are building a creative ground where youth as well as food and beverage entrepreneurs across all stages of growth can develop their talent, innovate solutions and grow their businesses. Our mission is to discover and develop the full creative culinary potential of youth and food entrepreneurs through skill building, job training, access to work opportunities and strengthening businesses.

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