Want to become a KS chef?

How you benefit from the program.

  1. Capacity Building - as many lack skills for various arts but are willing to rise above due to competition.
  2. Innovation - different kitchens will provide a different space with different equipment compared to their regular cooking
  3. Policies & Standards - it’s Important to increase confidence in quality and benefits of a person especially in the food business through practicing the SOP of production
  4. Enhancing Demand - Many households are content with preparing basic food, on some days they would want a change and having someone experienced to prepare the meal.
  5. Kitchen Station will enable to close the communication gap between clients and chefs and will advise on what's best.
  6. Accessibility, as many chefs remain unknown because they have no platform.
  7. Affordability, affordable budget to be taken on so as to find clients as most people still struggle for their livelihoods

How to join

Would you like to be part of Kitchen Station as a Private Chef, let us take you through the pathway.

Step 1.
Fill out an application form here
we call you
Step 2.
Wait for a call of confirmation in less than a Week from our team.
we send you a chef
Step 3.
Screening and Interviews will be made.
Step 4.
Training Bootcamp on SOPs of the program
we call you
Step 5.
Job Ready and joins list of professionals to be taken up
we send you a chef
Step 6.
Job Referral, Interview and Allocation