Order the kind of food you’d cook at home.

Have yourself a home cooked meal

Kitchen Station is creating a platform of home cooks , which will enable them to sell their foods to their clients. The platform will bridge the gap between the homecooks and those interested in having food made from home kitchens.

  1. To help home cooks share their menus with the outside world.
  2. People can pick and choose their meals from their own menu.
  3. To create their favorite meals from cherished family recipes.
  4. Order the kind of food you’d cook at home.

How it works


Pick and choose your meals from our menu, from one cook or many cooks, the choice is up to you. Choose your serving size and delivery date. Your order is totally customisable.

we call you

Meals are made from the freshest ingredients picked from our local markets, in small batches, from scratch by individual cooks.

we send you a chef
Kitchen Station TEAM DELIVERS

Kitchen station monitors, coordinates, and ensures the meal is delivered to your doorstep. All meals are delivered in an eco-friendly box, following the food safety, sanitation and healthy guidelines.

The impact we create

Kitchen Station is offering cooks the opportunity to earn income, learn new skills and be a part of something really important... a community of passionate cooks preserving the skills of home-cooking and helping people eat better!

  1. We are creating a world of different exciting meals.
  2. Help home cooks earn extra income
  3. We are creating a network of food entrepreneurs and those that are interested in the Food Business.
  4. We give passionate home-cooks a platform to launch a professional food business whilst allowing modern families and working professionals to access convenient, healthy, homemade food.